Bakemonogatari - I'm quiting it. Don't know why.....

Few months ago I started 'Bakemonogatari'. I saw the main female potagonist many times around internet that's why I started to watch it. Also because many people recommended it on one of the sites I visit. hasn't entertained me much. Only two first very really interesting. Also I don't feel motivated anymore........

The things that's wrong with it are
> The conversations are really weird. I'm sometimes like - What the hell are they talking about?
> The shots are weird. I don't know. That's the fisrt time that it irritates me. There are shots like the whole background is in colour and there it says 'Red'
> One thing that also irratetes me is that there is no people around. The whole town/school/streets are empty. There are only the main characters.
> When they meet the 'snail girl' the walk around the estate and it's so boring. Yeah she cannot find her home :/

It lats 15 episodes but I just watched 5 and I just can't get to force myself to watch it. Sometimes is like animeis boring at the start but when you finish it you will love it. I don't think that this will happen in here. I know there is another season. 'Yeah I will watch it pff' *sarcastic*. Well I have bad feeling towards this anime. I've heard that if you understand the 'play of words' you would like it. I don't understand. Maybe because I'm blonde ! :D

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