Free! - Watching for plot or not?

Free! was published in July 2013 by Kyoto Animation. From that day people (mostly girls) got a reminder that there's a  'Sport Anime' genre. Yeah, I know there was Kukoro no Basket (I haven't watched it yet) but you know; 'Abs', 'half-naked guys', water, summer and also new OTPs with new fanfiction which will be mostly yaoi :D There was a storm of this things all around internet and just now I decided to watch it........... Do you want to know what I think?

As a girl, I have lots of bishies who I adore everyday and I cannot disagree that Free! characters  are not on it. They are cute, unique, handsome, friendly, kind, and funny, well all depends on the character! When I watched this few thing came into my mind; 'gay' XD and 'fan-service'. Am I  wrongly interpreted what was going on there? Beforehand, I was mind-fucked by the crazy fandom so I mostly know the plot.

That's what I thought before watching:
Free! Summary....
Despite of everything I mentioned above, I think the plot, animation and characters are amazing! Therefore I haven't been interested in their body structure yet the plot. Additionally I was extremely interested if this anime is 'How tumblr/fandom describe it' Hm..... it was accurate! Suprisely there's a plot and character development. The 'fan-service' for me was just seem like a funny scene. It is so obvious for me that KyoAni make the gay feelings of characters on purpose and made a lot of signs, yet I dunno if it's for the crack or is it real? Don't believe? Like at their posters!

Maybe I like it because I'm a girl. Yet I think that boys could watch it too and make fun of the half-naked scene as I did. The plot is engaging as I was interested if Haru will ever swim in relay and would stop thinking about just 'water', what happened between Rin and Haru, Rei and swimming development, if Rin will be an asshole for the rest of anime.

The rest of 'Review' here:
Free! Review

Post Question: What is your opinion of Free!? Or you excited for Free!Eternal Summer?

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