Free! Eternal Suffering ~ That was not what I was signing for

I beginned watching Free! from curiosity and for the laugh. Now I'm broken down! No! No!...... NO! These gay guys should have a good time togather and swim and laugh togather - NOT shout, break-down, be in physical pain and cry! (T⌓T). Episode 8 was amazing - we recieved beautiful new character Kisumi, his cute little most sweetest brother, Mamakoto, and bunch of humour. Then suddenly, at the end, Kisumi gives us a hint for miserable information: " Did Sousuke's arm healed?". My eyes went wide opened and I started to panic. Sousuke was in hospital and now he will be in the relay. That certainly doesn't sounds good. IT ISN'T GOOD IN EPISODE 9! Even though he isn't my fav character or even close enough to be one, I really sympathize and care for him. He may sometimes act like an asshole but everybody have bad days or memories.
After Episode 9 not only Sousuke needs ambulance but also me. In addition Haru broke-down and suddenly stopped while swimming. We now know how Haru feels about his future. He just want to swim; not for starngers in the audience, not to get a coach and not to become the best swimmer like Rin wants. Haru wants to swim for his friends and fro his own enjoyment. Some of us may forgot that Haru is a teenagers who needs to pick his path, his career (just like me), he just is underpressure; What is his dream? How his future will be like? Would he be separated from his teammates? He suffers so much emotionally and becomes lost inside. Maybe that is what other people want him to become - the pro swimmer - but is this want he wants? That's the first freaking time when Haru stopped swimming. Instead as always swim in sparkling, beautiful water from paradise which you "shall not be feared", he gets sucked into the 'dark' water. Seeing Haru like this I fall into tears. In addition Makota and other guys became very worried. When Rin come up to him after the race, he started shouting. From when Haru shouts?!?!? When we watch something or someone for a quite long time, we get used to it and we certainly see even the slightest changes.

Rin doesn't understands that Haru isn't like him, but then he realises that when Haru is in dispair and shouts. Haru isn't very talkative, so he holds his feeling inside. He holds them all for a long time and he just couldn't hold them anymore, so he breaks. Makoto knows when there's something wrong with Haru, even though he doesn't shows his feelings. This is great support. Now the worst fucking scene; Sousuke suffering in the shower. Then I cried myself to sleep (I was watching this at night ;-;)

This anime is truly deep. I cry more about these guys' problems instead of my own. Friends, career option and physical/emotional health - great aspects are covered. If you go on tumblr free! tag you will see many, many analysis of this whole show. (My Free Tag)  Y'know we can fill all the pools with out tears. I watched Free! to have a good time and I honestly feel attacked right now.........

My fav scenes:
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